Tips on Getting Your Customers to Trust and Like You

Running a business such as a dental services, medical services, law offices, chiropractic offices and dating has one thing in common – relationship. Both of these aspects will run well or run bad depending on how your relationship whether with your customers (business) or your partner (dating). The kind of relationship you build will determine if you can get your customers to trust and like you. Here are some useful tips for your customers can come to trust and like you.

• Create a good impression. It all starts here. Make a great impression to your potential customers and even to the old and current ones. You have to make sure everything is taken care of for your client. If you are running an online business, you have to make sure that the website which serves as your store runs well, is properly tested, is user-friendly and has no issues. If you are running a brick and mortar store, make sure you hire knowledgeable staff, has a well-built store which is not necessarily high end and stylish but at least comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. Make sure every little thing counts for your customers’ user experience.

• Plant your feet on the ground. Sure your product or service received positive or even outstanding reviews. Make sure both of your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Customers usually look more about the staff and owner’s attitude more than the product so stay humble. If something went wrong, take a humble action. Apologize if needed. Your service and product is not perfect nor godlike with no flaws. Be polite and kind at all times, especially if your customer gets irate. You will receive more loyal customers if you know how to treat both calm and irate customers.

• Do not over promise and under deliver. Make sure that what you say or promise is truly what you can deliver. Your customers will appreciate your honesty more than any high promises or lies. Only say what you are capable of providing and set out the expectations right from the first time. Not over promising or lying will surely get your customer’s trust as well as as their hearts.

• Do to consider and think about what your customer’s have to say or comment. More often than not, your customers’ comments or suggestions are the flaws or improvement which they think can improve your product or service more. Do hear them out and see if you can consider applying them. This will let your customers feel more important. Also, showing that you trust their ideas and wanting to hear them out would make them trust you more. You can create a suggestion box for this.

The way to get your customers’ trust and hearts will be a long way to tread but you have to be patient as in time, with proper attitude as well as keeping these tips in mind. You will be able to capture your customers’ hearts and trust.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Out Loud Can Be Therapeutic

Blogging has been around for many years already and it has grown from being an informative place we can go to and rely on in the internet to being therapeutic, especially if you are blogging out loud. Here are 5 reasons why blogging out loud can be therapeutic.

1. You are free to write about almost anything you want to. With blogging you are free to write just about anything you want to. You can share some knowledge, skill strategies, lifestyle tips, your rants or even your anger. There is virtually nothing that will stop you from voicing out what you feel.

2. Blogging provides you an escape from the harsh reality. Aside from the other hobbies we do to temporarily escape our busy lives, we can also rely on blogging to give us another escape door. No matter how stressful your work day is, something or someone pissed you off or if you had some arguments which really worn you out, you can sit down, relax and write them off. This is equivalent to you telling your problems or day to day anxieties to your friend.

3. Blogging out loud can be so much fun. If you blog about sharing tips and ideas or strategies, one of the best things that blogging can give you are your audience – those people who take time to read what you wrote and even be kind enough to drop in some helpful comments or words of appreciation. This can truly be addicting and outright therapeutic.

4. You can build a new set of online friends who share the same interest. Since you will mostly be blogging about your interests, you will surely capture a number of people who will be interested in what you have to say. In that light, you can slowly build a group of people who you can interact with and share your ideas with. This is another way on how you can de-stress.

5. Blogging helps us reflect. Whenever we write about something that stresses us, you will be able to reflect on this situation. This reflection can either help you remember what you should do next time it happens or find you a better solution.

Blogging is not just an avenue where we can share our ideas so others may benefit but also works its way to us as therapeutic and relaxing.

Opening a Daycare Center

Due to today’s economy and the increasing number of divorces, day care centers have sprouted in almost every corner from residential areas to urban areas.  A single parent or both parents need to leave the house for work in order to increase or sustain the household finances.  In their absence, they need somebody to take care of their child and day care centers are created for that purpose.

Before opening up a day care center, a lot of things need to be considered.  Here are the important steps in opening a day care center:

  • There are different state regulations and licensing procedures that have to be met before opening a day care center such as the minimum area required per child, the employment of a licensed nurse and teacher or the minimum number of meals per day.
  • Create a business plan for the day care center.  This can used to apply for financial assistance if personal funds are not enough.
  • Pick a location.  Is it going to be an in-house or an out-of-house day care center? Is it going to be near residences or near office locations? Check if the surrounding areas provide a safety and healthy environment for the children.
  • Decide on the staff that needs to be hired.  The day care center employees must meet certain qualifications and certifications and in some cases undergo training to assure the safety and welfare of the children as well as the trust of the parents.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment and supplies.  Make sure they are child-friendly.  The day care center must have everything the child needs.
  • Start establishing the policies and procedures of the day care center.  Plan on the daily activities as well as the meals.
  • In order to fill the day care center with children, it needs to be marketed.  There are a lot of marketing tools that can be used such as printed materials, the local media and social networks.

After completing the steps above, the day care center is now ready to welcome the first child. Opening a day care center may be tough but it is one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

Immigration Law and US Politics

The United States of America is the land that many people want to live in. It is progressive and a powerful country in the world. If you are seeking to immigrate in the United States, you will do well in knowing about the immigration law and US politics. Both of these are interrelated in such a way that the immigration law is in constant amendment so as it can work in harmony with the other laws of the United States. Moreover, this is a persistent topic being dealt with by many US politicians.

The Immigration Laws of the United States of America

The immigration laws of the US have been altered numerous times. Here is a timeline to show it.

  • 1790:During this year, the Naturalization Act (NA) of 1970 was formed. It was the first immigration law to allow foreigners’ naturalization.
  • 1882: This year, the Chinese Exclusion Act was approved to halt the Chinese people’s immigration.
  • 1921 and 1924: These years marked the passing of the Emergency Quota Act as well as the Immigration Act that puts a limit to the number of immigrants allowed in the United States based on their nationality as well as yearly influx.
  • 1952:This year, the McCarran–Walter Act paved the way for the development of the US INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service.)

Type of Visas According to the Immigration Law of the United States

Currently, the type of visas in the US falls into:

  • Immigrant Visa

This visa is granted for people who would like to permanently reside in the United States. This type has a “capping” rule, where the immigration law imposes a limit in terms of the immigrants that will be admitted to the US every year. However, there is a bill proposal that seems to invalidate this capping though it is not yet approved.

  • Non-Immigrant Visa

The non-immigrant visa is the type that refers to those who are only coming to the United States for a limited period of time. This type of visa does not have a capping rule like that on Immigrant Visas. These are solely for work purposes and the immigrant needs to have an employment offer from a business that is registered in the United States.

  • Others

Other types would include tourist, family, as well as student visa.

The immigration law is more diverse than this, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from this, you must know that if you are looking to reside in the United States, you also have to determine if you are fit to be a US immigrant based on the eligibility categories set by the immigration law. This applies to all types of visas. You cannot just show up in the United States telling them that they need you or your skills or that the country will make good use of what you can do. This is not a mere job application. This is a tedious and complex process as your legal addition to their country may make an impact on the government and the economy of the United States.

Is Life Really a Stage?

You might have heard people saying that life is truly a stage. How true is this? From the time that we are born to the day of death, it can be said that we are living a life like that of a stage.

Curtains Open

Just like how the theatre opens for another masterpiece story, our birth is the start of an ever-changing life which is full of adventures, ups and downs and so much more.

Getting to Know the Characters

As the story starts to unfold, there are many characters who will appear, all of which we will get to know, we will fall in love with, we will hate, and we will form bonds with. Like in life, on the day that we are born many people come into our lives. Each plays a different role that will stir various emotions into our hearts. Each of them will leave their marks in our lives. We will surely get to know a lot of different characters and even the main character – us. All of them will shape us to a better person or the opposite. We will be able to know each other’s strengths and weakness as well as likes and dislikes. And each has a story to tell.

The Unforgettable and Life Changing Events

There will come a time that the stage will produce some scenes that are heart-changing and mind-boggling. Some will be so unforgettable that they may change a part of us forever. Like in real life, we will all have our own life climax. There will be those events that will turn our lives upside down. These may be exciting or it can also be heartbreaking, and it all depends on the script we create and the decisions we make.

Calm after the Storm

After all of the ruckus that we will experience, there will always be calm after the storm. Stage plays have one too. It is the part where everything is problem-free right after a huge event in the story. It is the part where everyone seems to get the happy ending they deserve. Life gives us the gift of a rightful ending where there will be no more problems, troubles, hurts and stumbles. Life will always lead us to the ending fair for us, just like how the story leads every character to their rightful places.

Curtains Close

This may be the saddest part as the audience will take their leave and miss the characters that have truly impacted their lives. The story could be heartwarming that characters have left a good deep mark in the audiences’ hearts and minds. But the cast will surely leave the stage as victors who performed with all their hearts and with all they can. Life is the same. After getting to know the characters, after experiencing all the ups and downs that would shape our story and our self, after getting the rightful ending we wrote, we will also have to close our curtains to give way to another wonderful story and for another person.

Life truly is but a stage.

How Cell Phones Have Evolved Over the Past 10 Years

Cell phones or mobile phones have always been one of the most valuable and beneficial things that we use from day to day whether we use it for connecting with people for personal and business purposes. And we can even say today that having a cell phone can also be a necessity because of its usefulness. These cell phones underwent rapid evolution from the 1995’s brick cell phones up to today’s stylish, complex but sleek. But let us take a quick look on how cell phones have evolved over the past 10 years.cell phone

2002 Back in 2002, this year marked a huge step in the development of cell phones. This year, full-color display cell phones with integrated cameras were released, which is a first in the cell phone history.

2003 In 2003, cell phones with two display screens were released. One screen on the outside for call and text message notifications and another main screen for typing text messages and more found inside when the cover is flipped, much like Samsung S300.

2004 2004 carried all the great features of 2002 and 2003 and made more improvements. 2004 released one of the slimmest phones of its time manufacture by Motorola. Motorola V3 for example already looked quite sleek and stylish with dual screen, an improved camera as well as other minor features. These phones can even be easily carried in your pocket and are very light.

2005 2005 got to be remarkable as Sony has made public the first ever Walkman phone in the world, the W800i. This phone was made for the music lovers as it even has buttons on the phone itself, dedicated for music management and playback. It also has its own memory stick for all your music collection while still being able to do what usual phones do.

2006 2006 is the year when style and fashion was given more thought of on cell phones. Many cell phone manufacturer’s like LG, for instance, has released stylish phones with improved mobile features like camera, MP3, memory and others like the LG Chocolate.

2007 The year 2007 was the year when Apple Inc has come to play with its own cell phone line, the Apple iPhone. It is the first advanced touchscreen Smartphone and runs on the operating system (OS)  is. Aside from that app can also be enabled on the phone for greater usability and comfort. It has also been much like a little computer with its many great features and uses.

2008 Continued progress was experienced in 2008 with the release of a full qwerty phone like the HTC G1 with runs on the operating system, Android OS. It has useful apps and was created to be the choice for people needing a laptop but who are always on the go.

2009 In 2009, touchscreen Smartphones got bigger for better performance and higher video and display resolution. Some still carried full qwerty features with touchscreen capacity and runs on an Android OS.

2010 The continued release of improved touchscreen phones was experienced in 2010. Other manufacturers went creative in producing the own cell phone lines like Motorola’s Backflip phone. This phone permits the user to easily flip the display screen on the cell phone’s backside for more convenience.

2011 In 2011, more touchscreen phones were released but with better updates which are more than twice the updates on 2009 or 2010. Many phones like the Samsung touchscreen phones came out with outstanding camera pixels and more powerful hardwares and improved software features while still maintaining the phone’s sleek and stylish look.

2012 And this year, 2012, still has many surprising and amazing phone line ups. Take for example Nokia Lumia 800 which has a different OS than the other touchscreen phones. This cell phone runs on Windows 7 Mobile Edition OS.

In just a span of 10 years, many improvements were made on cell phones and the latest ones we have closely worked like personal computers and laptops. Cell phones have taken more development not only in looks but also in functionality and user experience. For some, cell phone is all they need to start work as one palm-sized gadget is packed with almost everything needed for work or for play.

5 Tips for Small Businesses Trying to Survive In A Recession

A recession is a time dreaded not only by the general masses but also especially by small business owners. This is the time when most businesses would close and be put down. But there are actually things you can do to survive a recession. Here are 5 helpful tips on how small businesses can survive in a recession. • Revise your marketing plans and focus on the financial discipline. This is ultimately the first thing you have to do. Do not let panic, fear or over thinking get the most out of you. In this kind of time what you need is a calm and clean head. Start by revising your previously made marketing plans start focusing on financial discipline. Plan, check and assess for the possible financial post-recession effect which may happen if a specific business decision is made. Avoid making critical decisions and stick with the plan. You did not do that plan for nothing.

• Check back and review your business expenses. While you are revising your marketing plans, do take time to review your past, current and possible future spending so you can make your marketing plans more accurate. Also, if you are reviewing your expenses, you will be able to effectively cut some cost or check for alternative buys which are cheaper but have the same quality for your products’ raw materials.

• You can try renegotiating your contracts with your vendors. Recession is the best time for you to renegotiate the contracts that you have with your vendors. Usually, in this time, most vendors are willing to renegotiate their contracts by lowering their prices, for some materials for example, just so they can keep their clients especially in such tough circumstances. Also, once the economy is back to normal, the agreed prices will not bounce back to their original pricing and would mean better profit for your business.

• Rethink, Strategize or Improve Customer Service. This is also the best time to assess and rethink of the customer service that you have. Also check on your staff’s attitude. Among any other period or time, this is the time that you need your customer service revamp. Everybody is not in a good mood, even your customers, the least you want to happen, is them getting turned off by your service despite your product. Be more humble in every situation.

• Be creative and resourceful and appreciate your employees. Recession is the time that everyone is not in their best moods, so make sure that you take time to appreciate your employees and the efforts they made for your business. Boost their moral, empower them and motivate them that everything will be alright and all things will come into place.

Also, when making your marketing plans, always be creative and resourceful. Lean more on promoting your products or services in the most inexpensive and unique way possible.

No matter how dire a situation is, always stand strong and calm. Strategize and do your best to ride with the wave and be better after.

Selecting a Home – Real Estate in Atlanta, Georgia

It has been always a very tiresome experience when it comes to selecting which home to select from condos, townhomes, or single family houses in Atlanta, Georgia since you will need to consider many things including your tight budget. Knowing the basic advantages and differences can easily help you decide which among the three you can go for. 

Here is a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the three:

  • Condominiums

Most condominiums found in Atlanta, Georgia as well as others around both have ownerships which are single and shared. Single ownership includes rights inside the unit while shared ownership goes to facilities right inside the condominium building. Mostly, this shared ownership refers to common areas, parking lots, gyms, swimming pools, hallways, lobby and others. Maintenance-wise, condominiums are one of the lowest maintenance homes available as well as probably the cheapest since there is no land ownership involved like that in townhomes and single family houses. Talking about privacy, condominiums offer a compromised privacy since each unit is surrounded by other units in the building.


  • Single Family House

This is the kind of house which can be best described as stand-alone home or a detached house. It is considered as detached because you do not share a wall with any of your neighboring houses. You can legally own all the walls which is the benefit of having a single family house unlike condo units and townhomes which shares a wall or two to their neighbors. You also own not only the house but also the lot where your purchased perimeter covers. You can also freely and openly make the modifications you want in the house unlike condos and townhomes which have preset or predefined designs and styles in each of their units or models. They can also be repainted or redesigned. You can also add a yard or a garden – the choices are totally up to you and your budget. Among the three this is also the one which provides the most privacy for your house is detached from another house, stands alone in a lot and shares no wall to another house. However, it can also be said that single family houses are more expensive than any of the other two because of the lot and its detached form. Aside from being the most expensive, it also entails a high level of maintenance since you will have to maintain the house’s paint, roofing, and cleaning. On the other hand, condos and townhomes are maintained and kept by a hired person. Safety may also be compromised because you are distanced from your neighbor’s homes.


  • Townhomes

Townhomes in Atlanta, Georgia have both the basic qualities of single family homes as well as condominiums. Just like condominiums, townhomes have shared something in common with their neighboring house – they have shared walls. It can be as little as one wall as much as three walls depending if the house is in between two or three other townhomes or if is the end unit. It is similar to a single family house since townhome owners are also able to buy the lot their houses are standing in. You may also have a yard of your own which is quite smaller than the yards of single family houses. However, unlike condos, you do not share your floor or roof with any of your neighbors. With regards to price rates, townhomes are less expensive than single family houses but has almost similar features with just minor adjustments.

How to Save Money While in College

For most students, entering college means freedom and a start of a new adventure.  It may be true in part but this freedom comes with a price.  It would mean more responsibilities and heavier tasks.  Students are now faced in solving most of their problems alone and to some, fend off for themselves.  Money then becomes an issue for most college students and saving money in college becomes a priority.  Here are some tips on going about saving money in college:

  • Most college students leave home to go to boarding schools or live in areas near the school.  Look for smaller living quarters since they mostly come cheap.  If it is comfortable sharing a room with a stranger, it is best to get a roommate to share the rental cost as well as grocery expenses. This is one step to start saving money in college
  • Saving money in college means cutting down on transportation costs. Do not use a car to travel to and from the school since gas prices are costly.  Public transportation can be used instead.  Carpooling with a friend or walking the distance from your house to the school is the best way in saving money in college.
  • One of the perks of being a student is the student discounts.  When saving money in college, maximize your money from food discounts, clothing and even up to entertainment.  Clipping coupons will also be a major help when saving money in college.
  • Most college students spend a lot on textbooks yet not all of them can be useful after the semester is over.  Buying recycled books or renting them are ways of saving money in college.  If the books can be borrowed from a friend or from the library, that would be even better and it would greatly reduce the expenses.
  • Phone bills can weigh heavily on a student’s budget but it is also difficult to live without it.   Another way of saving money in college is by using a phone plan that won’t cost as much yet can still fulfill its basic function.  Also, make use of the free online mediums of communication to talk to friends or family.
  • Students pay thousands of dollars to pay for tuition every year.  So be sure to make use of all the amenities the school has to offer like movie rentals, clubs, clinics, free Wi-Fi connection, free use of the computer lab or the gym, dorm dinners and some campus entertainment.  This can be a good way of saving money in college.
  • Most students get into trouble before the month is over because of unnecessary spending.  Make a checklist of everything that was spent and sift out only the things that are needed.  Renting things instead of buying them is an effective method of saving money in college.
  • Getting a job while in college cuts down on leisure time that might have been used to spend more money.  Some jobs offer free meals or discounts on clothing, entertainment and living expenses.  This is probably the best way of saving money in college since it not only prevents unnecessary spending but also brings in a means to increase the figures on your bank account.

Most students nowadays, after they graduate, end up with huge student loans and credit card debts.  For a student, the thought of having to work their backs off to pay for them can be quite depressing. However, if the tips on saving money in college are followed, it can make one’s young life a little less broke.

Is being a personal injury lawyer still worth it?

With the economic downtown, many law students and aspiring personal injury lawyers are wondering if still going to law school to for a law license to practice accident and injury representation is still worth the huge student loans, time and effort to hone your skills and the pain and pan and commitment it takes to acquire and keep clients.  law firm

Granted, this was not always the case. Back in the 80’s having a personal injury law practice was quite profitable. Then, settling a simple car accident case or slip and fall case with the insurance company was no big deal. Then insurance companies and claim adjusters paid out claims easily. A simple threat of a lawsuit would have sent them running to pay out a settlement. Then accident lawyers did not have to work so hard at it.

Fast forward to the 2000s. Most personal injury attorneys, now have to sweat more for their cases. They now fight with adjusters who are offering pennies for soft – tissue injury cases and who are not perturbed by a threat  of a lawsuit because the insurance companies now know, or at least believe it is worth more to pay for a claim defense than for compensation. This is even forcing a lot of accident attorneys and law firms to consider other areas of practice.

Starting a Medical Transportation Service

There is a new potential business opportunity for people who have undergone medical and training courses and who are willing to provide services for people who need assistance. Such business is called medical transport service. This business’ market is mainly people who seek assistance in getting to and from their homes to their medical appointments. Hiring medical transport service has become a convenience to the patients as well as their families in complying with their appointments to therapy sessions to medical centers or the local hospital. In the strict sense of definition, medical transport service provides non-emergency medical assistance to clients, which is its striking difference with the purpose of that of an ambulance.

Usually, it is the senior citizens, persons with disabilities or ambulatory individuals, or basically people who have limited mobility are the ones that are catered in the business of medical transport service. In light of this topic, the following are the guidelines on how to start a medical transport service business: 

Before Engaging in Medical Transport Service

As this involves money and risk, it is essential to consider the following before deciding on whether to pursue this business or not:

  • It would be important to do a quick research regarding the      market. Knowing how many potential      clients there are in the locality will help in deciding whether to pursue medical      transport service or not.
  • Another deciding factor would be the competition. It is important to take note of how many businesses      provide medical transport service. This would reveal whether there is      still room for profit or not.
  • Lastly would be financial capability. Providing medical transport service will require equipment      and other tools that may be too expensive and therefore may be hard to      avail. 

Planning to Engage in Medical Transport Service

Once completely decided to pursue the business of medical transport service, the following should be noted and carefully planned:

  • The      equipment for medical transport service should be availed and required      licenses should be processed. The most important one      would be the vehicle which should comply with the safety regulations. Some      even go to the extent of customizing the vehicle, such as installing      hydraulic lift, in order to upgrade the service they give to their      clients.
  • Finding      the appropriate people that can provide complete and satisfactory service      to the clients. People who have undergone medical      and training courses who also know how to drive should be prioritized in      hiring as they can perform the two main tasks in the field of medical      transport service. They would know how to deal with the patients as they      already have the knowledge in providing health care. It is also important      to consider that they have a clean driving record as the safety of the      clients is of top priority.
  • Creating      a promotion strategy is very important. Creating      contacts with the local hospitals and assisted facilities such as nursing      homes are proving to be beneficial to the business of medical transport      service.
  • This      part includes the financing as well, constructing a comprehensive budget      plan on what things should be purchased in order to provide good quality      service is needed. This also includes the registration      of the business as well as acquiring of insurance. Payment options should      also be thought of.


Staying in the Business

In order to expound on the business and create more avenues for income opportunity, these should be noted:

  • Maintaining      contacts with the hospitals and nursing homes will mean more opportunity      to obtain new clients.
  • Excellent      service given by excellent employees will mean a good reputation for the      business. A good reputation will result in recommendations and regular      clients. As such, the quality of service should never be below the      standards expected from the business.

These are the basics in starting in medical transport service. As time goes by, expertise in the field can be acquired through experience and assessment from the clients themselves will result in providing excellent service in the future.

Some Common Types of Cases

personal injury lawyer  that accidents and injuries such as a medical malpractice or wrongful death may happen to people every day and these injuries should be compensated well, especially if the victim is not accountable for any damages done either to her property or to her. It is quite easy to calculate losses and damages if they are applied to properties. However, if the damage done is on a person’s own body, it may be proven problematic and stressing, as it would be difficult to know exactly how much is their loss. This may even be more problematic if personal injury attorney  effects are taken into account. These personal injury effects include, but are not limited to loss of earning capability or lost wages. Personal injuries can be quite troublesome if handled alone.

This is the best time to have a legal expert on your side. Personal injury lawyers are able to determine if a victim is to be compensated and how much should the amount be. In order to understand personal injuries better, here is a list of the most common types of personal injury claims that are being filed. See this website

  • Personal Injury Claims from Product Liability

Personal injuries like product liabilities take about 7% of all the filed personal injury  claims in the United States alone. This percentage comes to about 20,000 claims every year. Since there are various products out there, certain people are bound to meet personal injuries from products such as defective toys, unsecured medical devices, pet foods and products and many others.

  • Personal Injury Claims from Slips and Falls

One of the most common personal injuries would be those coming from slips and falls. There are reports from the National Safety Council back in 2007 saying that accidents from slips and falls claimed about 20,000 lives and more than seven million injuries. Slip and fall accidents became a common personal injury since it can happen anywhere. Whether you are at home, in the school, office, supermarkets, and other places, there are risks of slipping or falling, which may cause injury to the bones, spine, or the back.

  • Personal Injury Claims from Assaults

Assault claims contribute a large number to cases related to personal injuries. In fact, the number is overwhelming that it is added to the list of the most common types of personal injuries. According to the record from the Bureau of Justice, solely in the year 2010, there are about two million recorded simple assault claims and this is an overwhelming number to take in. Assault cases are so widespread that they can happen even in the homes like domestic violence or even alcohol abuse.

  • Personal Injury Claims from Injuries Related to Work

If the number of assault cases and claims are quite overwhelming, personal injuries related to work can come more alarming. Despite the unemployment rates today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented about three million non-fatal injuries related to work in the year 2009 while 2010 have about 5,000 fatal injuries from work. This type of personal injury includes, but is not limited to back or neck injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

Our spinal cord is one of the most important parts of our body after our brain and our heart. The spinal cord is responsible for being the brain’s information highway. The spinal cord helps transmit messages in the body to and from the brain. However, unfortunate events or accidents may sometimes happen that may cause spinal cord injuries and there are two main types and some subtypes:


Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be grouped in two – the complete spinal cord injury and the incomplete spinal cord injury.

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injury

This is a type of spinal cord injury that results in the loss of motor ability and sensation in the body. This may be caused by loss of blood in the spinal cord, extreme pressure in the spinal cord, and bruising on the spinal cord region. Another rare cause is by having cut or disengaged spinal cords. The complete spinal cord injury often results in having a total movement and sensation loss below the spot of the injury in the body.

  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

This type of spinal cord injury does never results in total loss of sensation or movement below the spot of the injury. There are a variety of ways to classify the type of an incomplete spinal cord injury. Some of which are:

  • Spinal contusions – spinal contusions are one of the most common types of incomplete spinal cord injury. In this injury, the spinal cord is not severed but it is bruised causing bleeding from blood vessels as well as inflammation.
  • Individual nerve cell injuries – this incomplete spinal cord injury will result in motor and sensory function loss near or in the spot of the body where there are injured nerve cells. This may be temporary but may also be permanent depending on the gravity of the injury.


Hair Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be classified into many types. One of the uncommon, though not unheard of, types of burn injuries are called a hair burn injury. Hair burn injuries are burn injuries mainly caused by a burning hair. This in turn may still be caused by other reasons, as the hair will not just burn on its own. Here are the possible common causes of hair burn injury.

  • Hair burn injury from hair styling tools like hot straightening iron or curling iron.

Hair burn injuries may come from the usage of hair styling tools such as the hot straightening iron, hot curling tongs, or curling iron. These hair styling tools are used to style the hair in a jiffy. These are electric powered and are extremely hot so the hair can easily take the needed form such as being straight or curly. This can cause hair burn injuries when negligently used by the hairstylist or user. Since this is very hot, the hair can also become very heated that it may burn the skin once it touches it without cooling it first. Another cause of hair burns injury related to hair styling tools is when these tools come in direct contact with the scalp or the skin near the hair. This is graver than the burn coming from a heated hair.

  • Hair burn injury from the chemicals used to style the hair.

Another reason for hair burn injuries is by the used of strong and harsh chemicals to style the hair. Hair styling tools like straightening irons, curling tongs, and curling irons are not the only way to style the hair. Chemicals may also be used in styling the hair and when you or your stylist is not aware of the proper dosage needed for the chemicals to work, they may just burn the hair and the scalp in the process. The victim may start to feel a hot sensation on the affected skin until it gets extremely painful to bear.

  • Hair burn injuries from cosmetic laser hair removal.

Hair burn injuries caused by cosmetic laser hair removal is mainly caused by the negligence on the part of the one who performs it. This may cause second or third degree burns on the skin with accompanying severe paid as well as discomfort.

These hair burn injuries can be prevented by following some simple tips.

  • Always be careful in handling hair styling tools.

When using hair styling tools on yourself or on others, it would always be safe to handle them with care. Avoid using them on the hair extensively so the hair will not heat up to much or burn. It would also be safe to let the hair cool down first before draping it down on the after styling. You may blow it dry or fan it manually to cool down. This will take time, but it will be the safest way.

  • Look for salons with experienced hairdressers, hairstylists, or cosmetologist.

Sometimes, it would pay off if you let the experts handle your hair styling problems. It would also be worthwhile to check if you are dealing with a legit and licensed cosmetologist with your hair laser removal problems. This will ensure that you will have the job done as well as ensure that you will be going to your event or homes unharmed.


Car Accidents and Negotiation with the Insurance Company

Though hiring a car accident lawyer would still be a good way in winning a car accident settlement claim, there would still be some people who may prefer doing the negotiations on their own. To better guide you in this endeavor, here are some do’s and don’ts when negotiating a car accident settlement claim with the insurance agent or company. However, this do’s and don’ts must not be interpreted as legal advice, but only some ideas that you should take into consideration when you are trying to negotiate your claim on your own.


  • Do take your own pictures.

Take pictures using your camera or camera-enabled phones. Take images of your car, injuries that you may have incurred because of the accident and the scene where the accident took place. Taking pictures is vital in trying to establish the scope of your injuries and property damages as well as the liability.

  • Do get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Have a doctor check you up so your injuries may be treated quickly. This will also allow you to have medical records about the injuries that you have incurred from the accident.

  • Do send some documents to your insurance provider or      agent.

Since you will be negotiating the car accident settlement claim on your own, you should collect documents such as medical records, bills, lost wages documentation, and other related documents to your insurance company provider or agent. Let them send you their compensation offer first before demanding anything. This is especially helpful if you do not really have an idea of what you are doing. In the end, you may be offered more than what you want to demand, so do not take the risk of demanding. Let them make their offer first.


  • Do not lie.

Do not lie or try to cover the truth. This is a huge mistake you do not want to take a risk on, as the truth will always be uncovered. Once you lie and it gets busted, it surely will, you will just be in deep trouble and you may not even be compensated. Do not put your credibility on the line.

  • Do not authorize your insurance agent to collect your      medical bills and records.

Giving authorization to insurance agents or companies is a bad idea. These people will have the chance to check on your complete medical history, which may be used against you in your car accident settlement claim. Get your own records and bills and forward these documents to the insurance provider on your own.


There are several types of personal injuries where victims can file for due compensation. In order to push for the right case in court, the victims or their family members should be able to know, at the least, the basic types of personal injuries. Below are the various types of personal injuries.


Personal Injury

Personal injury is defined in law as damage/s done to a person. It can be the result of an accident, fortuitous event, or unplanned occurrence. Personal injury could be a result of failure to exercise due care, taking precautionary measures or being negligent. In torts, this could be applied in the breach of legal duty.


Personal injury also includes harassment of personal rights. The person doing this can be held liable and be filed with cases such as libel, defamation, and slander. To be specific, if a person declares, states or does in writing any falsification on the reputation of another, he can be held criminally liable.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is an act done willfully or with negligence by group of persons or a person to another of which will result to the victim’s death. The family including the children of the deceased person may file for a compensation for this, called as wrongful death action. This is an action engraved in the constitution that allows the bereaved family to obtain compensation from the person or persons who have caused the death. But in order to attain this compensation, there must be a solid proof that the action of the defendant was truly the cause of the wrongful death of the deceased whether done with carelessness or with will.


Car Accident

Car accident occurs when two vehicles had a collision. This could be a result of negligence in any of the parties or by external means. Car accident often results to damages and injuries and could also cause death. But to gain compensation for this, parties – the injured and the other – could negotiate the matter through their insurance company because most of the companies who sell cars include such insurance. If proven against the defendant, then he will be subject to pay as well as his car’s insurance company to the damages caused by the car accident and even the hospital bills or the medication of the injured party. Factors such as driver’s physical impairment, under the influence of drugs or alcohol and distraction are often the leading cause.


Auto Accident

Auto accident is the result of crashes of vehicles or automobiles in the road or sometimes the result of unmaintained roads and streets. However, most auto accident happens because of some drivers are careless or being neglectful of the rules in driving like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In some cases, an auto accident can be caused by external forces like forces of nature, fall debris or trees, animals crossing, and the likes.


A law is made to sanction this negligence as well as to compensate the loss of the affected party. This includes the damages done to the property and injuries caused specifically the medications and bills at the hospital.


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is an act punishable by law and offenders are sanctioned. Medical malpractice may be committed by any person who obtained license or who are registered to medicate, assess and diagnosed a patient. This act can be done through wrong medication done to a patient, when the physician did not follow the standards of medicating a patient or plainly did not follow the right and proper procedures for treating a patient. It can also be considered as medical malpractice when the patient suffered further damage and had complications due to the wrong medical procedures done to him or her.


Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accident is a mishap experienced by a person who is either walking, running, or jogging and then being hit by a vehicle or an automobile. Pedestrian accident mostly happens at roads. Pedestrian accident is one of the enlisted reasons leading to personal injury. But in some cases, drivers are not the only one to be blamed if this accident happens because at some point the pedestrian would go and cross over the road even if they should not do so yet, then it can be considered as their fault.


Pedestrians always have the right of way only if they are in the right and proper sidewalk or in the crosswalk but they do not have a right way in the road way where vehicles go to and from.



Truck Accident

A truck accident happens when negligence is being committed by truck drivers or if some other external force causes such mishap. In most occurrences, this exists when there is an incident of road collision. A truck accident results to damage to properties and other injuries. A truck accident is most familiarly grouped as cases under personal injury.


Trucks have the same road rules to be followed like what most of vehicles do. But unlike them, trucks, because of their sizes have highly regulated statutes to be followed. In addition, the damage that can be done by this vehicle can be so overwhelming. The government strictly implements the rules that must be observed by the drivers and the companies of these trucks like setting the adequate working hours, making it possible for the driver to take rest before going for another long trip, and the likes.


Drunk Driving Accident / DUI Accident 

Drunk driving accident / DUI accident contributes a big factor with car accidents and truck accidents, which is why there are many laws ready to punish offenders. These laws are very strictly implemented in any many countries around the world because being drunk makes you nauseous and it gives you numerous physical incapacities. Drunk driving accident / DUI accident eventually results to damages in properties and injuries.


A drunk driving accident / DUI accident is very dangerous as it does not cause damages alone but possibly also death. It is in this light that the court and other legal personalities like lawyers push for victims to file cases for proper compensation and justice from the offending party.


Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are defined as stepping into an area where it is slippery and you fall causing permanent or temporary injuries or disabilities. In determining the liability of a defendant in cases like slip and fall accidents, it must be proven that the accident existed in two ways such as: if the defendant was the one responsible for the existence of the spot on the floor making it slippery, another is if the defendant knows that a certain area was danger and accident prone and yet done nothing about it.  If either of this two is present, then the defendant would eventually be held liable. But if the slip and fall accidents was caused by the victim’s carelessness, then the former would not be held responsible.


Child Injury

Child injury is defined as an act done affecting the physical, moral, and emotional being of a child. These could include, battery, sexual harassment, child slavery, child prostitution, and even denying a child’s right to education, food, home and parental care. Even parents are not allowed to inflict physical pain to their children. If they did this they can be sued for damages that their acts have caused. Many children are being engaged in criminal acts because of abandonment or other child abuses. Today, many countries implement strict watch over violation of these rights as well as to prevent child injury. The government and other states are in the constant development and search to find better ways to lessen child injury and child abuses.


Burn Injury

Burn injury, as a personal injury, is the result of fire accidents and other accidents where the victim experiences any of the three levels of burn injury. Burn injury can occur as a result of either truck or auto accidents. Burn injury may be unintentionally done or a willful act of a person/s as well as negligence.


Certain burn injuries may take a long time to heal and sometimes it leads to scarring or more serious long term chronic effects. If this happens, the victim may obtain legal action to obtain compensation on the physical and psychological effect of this action. But, to claim this compensation, there must be a proof that indicates the series of actions done by the defendant to inflict burn injury to the victim.


Brain Injury

Brain injury is just one of the varieties of injuries that a person gets from an auto or truck accident or any other accident. It is so fatal that sometimes when victims were not lucky, they may suffer for long term effects. There are other complications too because the brain is the central functioning system of the human body.


This case, with all its very dangerous effects, brain injury is not to be taken lightly. Brain injury must be proven critically to obtain the proper and adequate compensation of the loss of the persons, for his or her bills and medications and also the inability to work and to sustain the needs of his family if he has got one.



Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accident is an event that happens when a person riding a bike meets an unfortunate event causing him or her simple or severe injuries. There are many possible causes for a bicycle accident to happen. It can be from being knocked off from the bicycle because of being hit by another vehicle, got tripped off because of low and poor maintenance of the safeness of the road, or because of the negligence omitted by a pedestrian. Injury obtained from defective products or manufacturer of the bike can be a cause to claim for damages, too. A bicycle accident often leads to major injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, and the likes.


Electrical Accident

When the human body gets in contact with high voltage electricity and then, causes some injuries to the victim, electrical accident happens. The main causes of an electrical accident may arise from broken wiring at homes, at construction sites and in any workplace. An electrical accident causes many injuries and some can be life threatening. It also results in some, physical disabilities that may last for long period of time. This in light can affect the victim’s jobs, way of life and even their family.


But if compensation is sought there are lots of things to be considered especially the fact of who would be the responsible entity for the said accident. The responsible party may include owners, utilities, electrical engineer and many others.


Premises Liability

Premises liability is something governed by a law of the same name. Premises liability is defined as the responsibility of the owner of a certain area, a lot, a portion of it, his home or anywhere where he or she is the one who have possession of it, to a person who suffered from an accident in that area, or what is fondly known as his premises.


In cases falling to premises liability, it is important to determine as well if the plaintiff was an invitee, a licensee and a trespasser. This would contribute in the premises liability case. It could determine the liability of the possessor of the place where the accident happened. And it could help to determine if the case would be mitigated, alleviated, or aggravated.


Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a result obtained from a brain injury caused by medical malpractice. It is the condition of the body which is unable to control motor systems including movements in the muscle and other necessary body coordination.


The main cause of cerebral palsy is the failure, malpractice, or neglect by medical practitioners at the time of treatment or delivery. Other causes of cerebral palsy include but may not be limited to, negligence and failure to diagnose the treatment of a child that has meningitis or jaundice, leaving the baby at the birth canal for such a long time that the brain was drained oxygen already, and many others.


Inadequate Security

Inadequate security rooted from the premises liability law. It is a security that a possessor must obtain and maintain in his or her property to avoid misfortunes to happen. But, the relationship of the possessor and the victim is a factor, too for the latter to be able to obtain rightful legal remedy relating to inadequate security.


If the incident happened on a business area, more likely, the management will be held responsible for the inadequate security that caused accidents. It is always their duty to make their place free from any harm to avoid any accidents or mishaps from happening to them, their employees, or their customers.


Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident is a situation that may come from two phases. It could be that the driver of the motorcycle is the one who obtained certain injuries while in the road or the driver, too could be blamed with the accident.


A motorcycle accident happens when the driver is incapable of driving properly. There are many reasons or factors that results to incapable driving and the number one leading reason is they are under the influence of liquor or drugs. There are also motorcycle accidents with which the driver is the one who is the victim. And reasons of these are defective product, used and poor maintenance in the road, in some cases too, when they avoid to hit pedestrians in the road way, they were the ones knocked off. If the motorcycle accident is caused by another vehicle driver, the victim/s may press cases to compensate for the fault of the other party.


Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury is a serious injury that must be compensated rightfully. This is part of the body where very thin threadlike connections of nerves are located. They are responsible for the communications of different body activities to the brain.  If this part of the body is injured definitely the person will be suffering with different body incapacities. If spinal cord injury is a serious injury, then it can lead to permanent disability while if the spinal cord injury is just a minor one, there are still chances to recover from it.


Compensation may vary depending on the loss that the plaintiff obtained. If he will suffer for long term or permanent then the defendant will have to pay for both the suffering and pain that he had inflicted, the losses he acquired like his job, and many others, and this is not measured by few bucks only.


Bus Accident

Bus accident is a collision that occurs when a certain vehicle, in this case a bus, collides with another vehicle, with a tree, pedestrian, animal, or other structures. In most of the cases being reported, a bus accident happens when there is vehicle collision in the road. And there are some reported causes such faulty and defective engine, poor road maintenance, and drivers driving skill as well as their alertness.


This accident can lead to personal injury and worst, wrongful death. It is always reminded to bus drivers that because they are common carrier, the moment that their passenger had gotten on the bus, they are held responsible for delivering them safely to their destination. Unlucky are those who met this accident in the road, they really suffer for serious injuries like fractured bones, head injury and many more.

How to Use A Legal Blog to Find Free Information

A legal law blogblog or law blog is a website that has a chronological ‘log’ of all legal and law related information, ideas, commentary or any legal subject and so on. The articles on this site are usually contributed by legal professionals who will write a legal blog based on their area of specialization – like divorce. Many divorce law firms lawyers are making use of this platform as a good way to market their business and attract more clients.

A good way to find a Lawyer is to read through expert legal blogs on websites. On these sites, you can find legal articles from lawyers based on different practice areas. The idea of creating a legal blog first happened around  2002, and since then the concept has caught on widely with lawyers commenting on many different legal issues.

A law blog such as personal injury law blog can establish the identity of a lawyer as an expert on a subject; reflect his accomplishments and his areas of interest. For those who are experts at blogging, this is a great way to publish news in your practice areas and remain in the limelight. This is also a good way for a person to find a Lawyer based on his or her area of expertise. For example, a person who wants a good divorce lawyer can read articles in a blog site like ‘Commingled Assets in Divorce’ or ‘Changing your name after Divorce’ etc. This will give them the name of the person who has written the blog and the fact that he or she is an expert divorce lawyer.

Now, all that they need to do is to get the listing of this same lawyer and hire him or her for your needs. Another advantage of writing law blogs is that they are listed very high on search engines since they are kept updated always. This means that those who want their law practice to figure high on a search result can write blogs and attract more traffic. A legal blog is also a way for prospective clients to comment and express their thoughts on a topic.

This kind of a conversation will attract more people to a site and result in an exciting exchange of ideas and thoughts from across the globe. This again means that such a lawyer will gain greater prominence and more people will seek his aid. So, law blogs are fantastic marketing tools that can help a lawyer establish his credibility. So, for anyone who wants to find a Lawyer across the USA or Canada can read the blogs presented in the law blog. All these will help them narrow down their search and select the right attorney for their needs.

The Benefits of Reading Personal Injury Law Blogs

Blogs have been around for quite a while and they are proving themselves worthy as a lot of information can be retrieved from them. Many people find the information from blogs useful in their lives. One such useful blog would be blogs related to the law. One such example is the personal injury law blog. Blogs that discuss personal injuries and personal injury laws are very useful to everyone.


It is a known fact that not all people are knowledgeable about the hundreds of laws that a country has, as most people may not find these laws applicable to them in their everyday lives. However, knowing more about personal injury and personal injury laws may come really helpful since personal injuries can happen to anyone at any given time.


What are personal injuries?

Personal injuries are physical injuries that may be inflicted on the person’s mind, emotions, or body contrasted with damage to reputation or property. It can also be referred to a certain kind of tort lawsuit asserting that the complainant’s injuries were brought about by another party’s negligence.


There are several types of personal injuries. The most common ones would include accidents happening at work, traffic and road accidents, tripping accidents, accidents at home, assault claims, holiday accidents, as well as product defect accidents. It can also include medical malpractice, medical negligence, dental accidents, industrial ailments, occupational ailments, among others.


Once personal injury is acquired, the affected party can file a claim or a lawsuit in order to for them to be properly compensated because of the accident that happened. This can possibly be done because of the existing personal injury laws.


What are personal injury laws?

Personal injury laws are the laws created for the people who are victims of personal injuries. Nobody wants to acquire personal injuries, and if you get one, proper compensation can be expected through the implementation of the personal injury laws. However, if you are not knowledgeable about these laws or at least do not know the basics of it, how will you be able to assert your rights?


The Personal Injury Law Blog

This is where personal injury law blogs become helpful. If you have learned about personal injuries, you know that they can occur anywhere in your home, office, the streets, buildings, facilities, or institutions. Personal injuries can also be acquired through the things that we commonly use. Without the proper knowledge about personal injuries or personal injury laws, you will not be able to assert your rights as the victim. This is not really good as the effects or damages resulting from personal injuries can alter your life incalculably.


Personal injury law blogs offer you a lot of information that you can just traditionally get from lawyers or law books. Sometimes, these are even hard to understand, but personal injury law blogs can simplify them so that even the average Joe who does not have a background about law can understand it. However, personal injury law blogs cannot replace the legal counsel that a personal injury lawyer can give. They are merely guides that can help enlighten you about your case or issue.


What can a personal injury law blog do to help you?

Personal injury law blogs can give many other advantages to you. These benefits may also be acquired from law books, but they can be very difficult to understand because of the jargons that will be used. Personal injury lawyers can also talk about these, but they rarely have time for free chat and they may not feel really happy talking about the basics to you especially if you do not have a case for them to handle. Every minute of their time is valuable, so they may not really sit down and chat about these to you. So, what advantages does a personal injury law blog have over books and lawyers?

  • Personal injury law blogs are, more often than not, free of charge.

Acquiring knowledge must be free and that is the concept that most blogs can bring. You can freely go to a personal injury law blog and read about the personal injury information that it offers. Though you may also consult with a lawyer about this, they may not really have enough time for discussion since they are very busy people and paying them just to learn about personal injury may just be too costly. Many personal injury law blogs are written with great care and with tons of research. You can just freely visit the site anytime you want or anytime you need to clarify an issue about personal injury.


  • Most personal injury blogs are maintained by lawyers or law firms.

Most personal injury lawyers or law firms already have websites or blogs and instead of just putting up an advertising website showing their name, skills, and contact info, they often also write some blogs or general information that can help other people get to know personal injury more.


  • Personal injury law blogs are more simplified than books or lawyer jargons.

You do not have to be a lawyer or a law student just so you can know more about personal injury. However, referring to books may just bring complexities. As much as they can, writers of personal injury law blogs try to write their articles very simple without losing the thought that they want to convey. And if they need to mention any jargon, they will surely be explaining it or link it to another article, which will explain to you what that jargon means. This will not only help you understand what personal injury is, it will also help deepen your vocabulary with law-related terminologies.


  • Personal injury law blogs are written with specific cases in mind.

Remember that most blogs are maintained by lawyers or law firms who have experience related to personal injury cases. In this light, whenever they write an article for their personal injury law blogs, they always have a case in mind. They will definitely not be revealing any personal information as this will be against their confidentiality policies, but they may recount a case in such a way that their clients are protected, yet you will still have some general knowledge to take away.


  • Personal injury blogs can help you in determining what you should do and what to expect if encounter a certain personal injury case.

You know that personal injuries can happen to you virtually anywhere and anytime. Therefore, personal injury blogs can help you decide what to do next in case you experience your own personal injury case. A personal injury law blog does not only contain information about what personal injury is, what types of personal injury may possibly occur, or what personal injury laws exist in your place, it also includes other information. This information may include articles on what you should and should not do in case you experience a road accident. If you are not reading any personal injury law blogs, once you experience such accident, you may just go to the hospital to tend to the wounded, move your vehicle aside so you will not cause traffic, and many other things. But, did you know that if you meet an accident and you did not acquire wounds that need immediate nursing, you should take pictures of the incident, collect as much information from the offending party like their plate number or name, and not move the vehicles aside until the police officers arrive? These are all vital information that you can use if you wish to file for a personal injury claim in court.


If you are faced with a personal injury situation and if you are knowledgeable on what you should do next, you will definitely have a bigger chance of winning in court. In addition, you will know what you should best do initially instead of just panicking on the accident area.


Most personal injury cases are preventable as long as you have read or learned about them. Take for example road accidents. Road accidents can be easily prevented, if you only know what will possibly cause them. This information is provided in many personal injury law blogs. In addition to that, many personal injury blogs would even provide articles that will provide you some tips on how you can drive more safely if you are driving a car, a bus, or a big truck. Information as specific as this cannot be easily found in law books. However, personal injury blogs have them all collected for you. Example


It is always better to arm yourself with knowledge so you will be able to prevent future mishaps and accidents. And if in any case, you do encounter one, knowledge can still save you since you will know what the best next move for your case is. Personal injury law blogs are not only for advertisement, they are also there to help the average citizen in knowing what they need to know and do regarding personal injury cases. Remember, knowledge is power. website

Is Blogging Losing to Social Media?

A number of people are clamoring about the many benefits and wonderful effects that social media brings. Social media is fast in gaining popularity and favor from many people, both old time users and new, on the internet. And because of this, some people are already in thinking that blogging has already lost its appeal because of social media, now how true is this question?

Many may have shifted from blogging to using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to name a few for promoting themselves, their products, services or information. But there are still many who are using both to maximize their results and have a wider gap and better edge from their competitors. So it cannot be said that blogging is losing over social media. Blogging has always been the main medium for promotion and information dissemination. It has always been the core and upon the arrival of various social media channels, blogging was even more empowered. Here are several more reasons why blogging is still standing proud and tall side by side social media.

• Blogging lets you speak freely without word limitations or the binds that terms of service brings which are often found on social media sites. It also explores one’s creativity unlike in social media which are only bound to plain and general texts, images, or videos. • Though social media can help you be on the first page of search engine results, blogging may take a slow journey but can have long term effects and firm roots in search engine results page where social media only have short term effects. • Blogging lets you back up your data unlike social media which may easily throw away your posts if needed. • Blogging gives us options in terms of privacy where social media posts anything and everything to everyone. • Blogging builds a slow but loyal community unlike social media sites who may give you community but you cannot be assured of their loyalty to your posts or works. People from social media are most often passersby unlike in blogging, people who come to your site are mostly return visitors who really love and believe in your work. • Blogs are those sites which are developed not only for today but also for the future. And in blogging even your past posts can come in handy even in the future. Social media on the other hand are more on the “now” as no one will eventually care about what you have posted a week ago.

Social media should not be seen as a replacement for blogging as it should not be the case. Both are powerful tools when used together but social media may be more difficult to handle if used alone while blogging can stand on its own but to gain maximum results from your efforts, use both instead of replacing one for another. No one should make a competition out of them but rather as complimentary partners for the success of your goal or your business, products and/or services.