Is being a personal injury lawyer still worth it? ☆

With the economic downtown, many law students and aspiring personal injury lawyers are wondering if still going to law school to for a law license to practice accident and injury representation is still worth the huge student loans, time and effort to hone your skills and the pain and pan and commitment it takes to acquire and keep clients.

Granted, this was not always the case. Back in the 80’s having a personal injury law practice was quite profitable. Then, settling a simple car accident case or slip and fall case with the insurance company was no big deal. Then insurance companies and claim adjusters paid out claims easily. A simple threat of a lawsuit would have sent them running to pay out a settlement. Then accident lawyers did not have to work so hard at it.

Fast forward to the 2000s. Most personal injury attorneys, such as an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, now have to sweat more for their cases. They now fight with adjusters who are offering pennies for soft – tissue injury cases and who are not perturbed by a threat  of a lawsuit because the insurance companies now know, or at least believe it is worth more to pay for a claim defense than for compensation. This is even forcing a lot of accident attorneys and law firms to consider other areas of practice.

How to Use A Legal Blog to Find Free Information ☆

A legal blog or law blog is a website that has a chronological ‘log’ of all legal and law related information, ideas, commentary or any legal subject and so on. The articles on this site are usually contributed by legal professionals who will write a legal blog based on their area of specialization. Many lawyers are making use of this platform as a good way to market their business and attract more clients. A good way to find a Lawyer is to read through expert legal blogs on websites. On Read more [...]

How Cell Phones Have Evolved Over the Past 10 Years ☆

Cell phones or mobile phones have always been one of the most valuable and beneficial things that we use from day to day whether we use it for connecting with people for personal and business purposes. And we can even say today that having a cell phone can also be a necessity because of its usefulness. These cell phones underwent rapid evolution from the 1995’s brick cell phones up to today’s stylish, complex but sleek. But let us take a quick look on how cell phones have evolved over the past Read more [...]

5 Tips for Small Businesses Trying to Survive In A Recession ☆

A recession is a time dreaded not only by the general masses but also especially by small business owners. This is the time when most businesses would close and be put down. But there are actually things you can do to survive a recession. Here are 5 helpful tips on how small businesses can survive in a recession. • Revise your marketing plans and focus on the financial discipline. This is ultimately the first thing you have to do. Do not let panic, fear or over thinking get the most out of you. Read more [...]

Selecting a Home – Real Estate in Atlanta, Georgia ☆

It has been always a very tiresome experience when it comes to selecting which home to select from condos, townhomes, or single family houses in Atlanta, Georgia since you will need to consider many things including your tight budget. Knowing the basic advantages and differences can easily help you decide which among the three you can go for.  Here is a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the three: Condominiums Most condominiums found in Atlanta, Georgia as well as others Read more [...]

How to Save Money While in College ☆

For most students, entering college means freedom and a start of a new adventure.  It may be true in part but this freedom comes with a price.  It would mean more responsibilities and heavier tasks.  Students are now faced in solving most of their problems alone and to some, fend off for themselves.  Money then becomes an issue for most college students and saving money in college becomes a priority.  Here are some tips on going about saving money in college: Most college students leave Read more [...]

Is Blogging Losing to Social Media? ☆

A number of people are clamoring about the many benefits and wonderful effects that social media brings. Social media is fast in gaining popularity and favor from many people, both old time users and new, on the internet. And because of this, some people are already in thinking that blogging has already lost its appeal because of social media, now how true is this question? Many may have shifted from blogging to using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to name a few for promoting themselves, Read more [...]

Starting a Medical Transportation Service ☆

There is a new potential business opportunity for people who have undergone medical and training courses and who are willing to provide services for people who need assistance. Such business is called medical transport service. This business’ market is mainly people who seek assistance in getting to and from their homes to their medical appointments. Hiring medical transport service has become a convenience to the patients as well as their families in complying with their appointments to therapy Read more [...]

Some Common Types of Cases ☆

  Accidents and injuries may happen to people every day and these injuries should be compensated well, especially if the victim is not accountable for any damages done either to her property or to her. It is quite easy to calculate losses and damages if they are applied to properties. However, if the damage done is on a person’s own body, it may be proven problematic and stressing, as it would be difficult to know exactly how much is their loss. This may even be more problematic if Read more [...]